The Student Investment Fund is grateful to the support from these community sponsors. Their donations allow SIF to continue growing and impacting more UAF students.


McKinley Capital Management, LLC

Bob Gillam, President and CEO

McKinley Capital became a donor for SIF in order to support the state of Alaska. Bob believes the most interesting part about the Student Investment Fund is that the student are gaining real world experience with all issues related to financial markets and asset management. “We have been very happy with the working relationship with UAF, and over the years have hired a number of student who worked directly on the Student Investment Fund.”


Northrim Bank

Joe Beedle, President and CEO

Associated General Contractors (AGC)

John MacKinnon, Executive Director
Meg Nordale, President, AGC Board of Directors

AGC is an organization that strongly believes in educating individuals who have the ability to potentially work with and for their members. AGC has funded two scholarships to the university, one for each of the engineering schools at UAF and the CTC. AGC is also intrigued by the success of the fund and the educational opportunity that it provides for the student body. “AGC is most interested by the opportunity to invest in the education of our future work force that SIF provides.”