SIF History

The Student Investment Fund (SIF) was established at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) School of Management (SOM) in 1991 by $100,000 of unrestricted gifts from private donations provided for student investment purposes. The growth of the initial investment to over $1 million in 015 demonstrates the success of this program since its inception. Over the years, the fund has provided $65,500 in scholarships 46 students. In recent years, robust earnings provided more money for need-based scholarships, allowing four annual awards of $2,500 each.

The first six presidents of the UAF Student Investment Fund – 1991 through 1994.
SIF students in the lab

Students enrolled in the Student Investment Fund course gain real-world experience implementing investment selection and stock valuation principles, gaining practical knowledge and experience that reach far beyond typical coursework. Ultimately, the student fund managers acquire a deeper and more complex understanding of the concepts taught throughout their undergraduate and graduate finance studies.

In 2011, McKinley Capital Management, LLC gifted two Bloomberg Terminals to the SIF. A Bloomberg Terminal is a top-of-the-line computer system, providing access to Bloomberg Professional news and databases. A standard in the finance industry, nearly all financial firms have subscriptions to the Bloomberg service, and it’s known for revolutionizing the way bankers, analysts, traders, and others access real-time financial information. The Bloomberg Terminals at UAF give students a competitive edge over their peers at other universities and better prepare them for professional success.

SOM Dean Mark Herrmann with SIF students at a Bloomberg terminal